Robert Buckley Joins to One Tree Hill


Sources confirm that Buckley is joining the cast of the CW's One Tree Hill as a new friend for Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). He starts out as a sports agent and becomes a pal to the basketball star. This new male character, created following the departure of Chad Michael Murray's Lucas Scott..

Robert Buckley and Witney Port


Star of The City and The Hills, Whitney Port has been seen hanging out with Lipstick Jungle's hottie, Robert Buckley.

According to E!, Whit and Robert co-hosted the Shore Club in South Beach for Havaianas Hot Spring Break bash -- and continued their "partnership" after the party was over.


A source says that the two were seen locking lips at Nobu later that night as they had dinner with a group of friends.

But, so far, it's still pretty innocent. "They definitely did not spend the night together," the source says. "She was there with her little sister." Whit just reportedly broke up with that slimey Jay from New York, and what could be better revenge than a hot real actor?

Robert Buckley On NBC Lipstick Jungle


Robert Buckley plays Kirby Atwood, a sexy (often shirtless) photographer assistant on the NBC’s hit Lipstick Jungle. NBC has ordered an additional six episodes (for a total of 13)!


Lipstick Jungle is based on the book by Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City), is winning  its Thursdays-at-10 slot among women 18-49. Kim Raver, Lindsay Price and Brooke Shields are the three female leads.

Q&A with Robert Buckley


Every week, Robert Buckley steams up the juicy hit TV show Lipstick Jungle as Kirby Atwood, a photographer who shows off his smoking-hot bod in one red-hot sex scene after another. But he isn’t just gorgeous, he’s also smart (he has a degree in economics) and ridiculously funny.


Q: What are your dating deal breakers?
Robert: A girl has to eat. I was on a date at a nice Italian restaurant, she ordered lobster ravioli then proceeded to take one, halve it, then quarter it and eat two of the miniature pieces. She was like, “I’m stuffed!” Suffice to say, that relationship didn’t take flight.

Q: What’s something you never leave home without?
Robert: My BlackBerry, my house keys, my wallet, and a smile.

Q: Describe your type of woman.
Robert: Read my Match.com profile. Just kidding! I like girls who are funny with a warped sense of humor. I gravitate toward someone who is sweet, aesthetically perfect (kidding again!), and normal.

Q: What was the last thing you Googled?
Robert: This is mildly embarrassing — I actually Googled mani/pedi salons in Manhattan. I was trying to find a place for my mom and manager to get mani/pedis today.

Q: Who do you have a man crush on?
Robert: It’s a tie between Richard Dean Anderson from his MacGyver days and Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I. [Tom] was the first guy to successfully pull off a mustache and chest hair. He’s the TP — total package.

Robert Buckley In  Women’s Health Magazine


Robert Buckley is featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Women’s Health magazine.


Hottie: Robert Buckley Interview

There’s more to this witty charmer than his six-pack abs

Nicole Blades


1. Since your nickname is Man Candy, we had to ask: What's your favorite sweet treat?

Daytime favorite: Skittles. Nighttime: Twix. I like to mix things up. You wouldn't wear pajamas to lunch, would ya?


2. On Lipstick, you're fooling around with Kim Raver's character, Nico, who happened to be married when you got together. Would you ever cheat or tolerate someone cheating on you?

Never. That is an automatic deal-breaker. Next to hurting my family, cheating on me is the worst thing someone could do.


3. You're often compared to Felicity's Scott Speedman. Do you think you look like him?

There might be some resemblance there--on a good day, with the right lighting. He's a good-looking fella, Scott Speedman. I showed my mom a picture of him and I was like, "Do you think we look alike?" and she goes, "Well, he's handsome." What kind of answer is that? She's my mom!


4. Who was your beefcake role model growing up?

Magnum, P.I. Let's be honest: Who can beat Tom Selleck's mustache and chest hair?


5. You appeared on The Price Is Right in college. So, let's play a round of Check-Out: How much does a can of beans cost?

It depends. Maybe 89 cents. Unless they're barbecue--a lot more ingredients go into that. [Real price: $0.79 to $0.99]


Vacuum cleaner?

Fifty bucks? That shows that I've never bought a vacuum cleaner. [Real price: $180 for a Hoover Savvy Bagless Upright]


Flat-screen TV?

How big?


Let's say a Samsung 52-inch.

Hilarious, 'cause I'm looking at my brand-new Samsung 40-inch LCD right now. I'm gonna say $1,899. [Real price: $1,999]

Robert Buckley Joins CW’s Previleged


Robert Buckley, who immediately made waves on NBC's Lipstick Jungle as Kirby, Kim Raver's strapping young boy on the side, is joining the cast of Privileged.


"Clearly, I can't get enough cute guys on this show!" Privileged creator Rina Mimoun quipped while sharing the news with us.


Buckley will appear in the final two episodes of the CW series' 18-episode freshman season, playing the editor-in-chief of a magazine where both Megan and Will hope to be working. Considering the upcoming departure of Michael Cassidy's Charlie, it's safe to venture that this studly scribe will have the "write stuff" to complicate Megan's romance with the boy next door.

Robert Buckley Dating Lindsay Price


A source says that Robert Buckley and the gorgeous Lindsay Price have been dating for 7 months. This undeniably hot couple were seen out in New York City recently attending the 10th Annual Key To The Cure Charity Shopping Weekend. They were also seen at the latest opening at Mohegan Sun Casino.

Robert Buckley: The “Flirting With Forty” Interview


This hot actor from "Lipstick Jungle" talks about his new Lifetime movie, feeling sexy and being a hopeless romantic. Read on for this interview with Robert Buckley and watch "Flirting With Forty" now available on DVD by Rebecca Abramowitz


What made you want to be a part of this movie about a romance between an older woman and a younger man?

I read the book "Flirting With Forty" before I actually did the movie, and as a 26-year-old guy, I loved it. I'm such a cheese ball! But it's such a nice story.


What is the story about?

It is a beautiful love story. Kyle and Jackie have to make certain sacrifices and compromises to make the situation work. But they do it. As a hopeless romantic, I loved that.


Why do you think your character, Kyle, falls in love with Jackie, who is a bit older than him and a mom too?

I think she's intelligent, understanding and beautiful.


What do you think viewers will get out of this movie?

I hope people walk away from the movie with the same feeling I had when I finished the book — smiling. It's a wonderful true story of finding love later in life and when circumstances are against you.


You are a sexy surfer in this movie. What makes you feel sexy when you aren't on a surf board?

Wearing a suit and a tie. I feel like the second I put on a tie, my SAT score jumps up 350 points. To me, fabulous and intelligent are synonymous.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I would say eating. But that doesn't sound too hunky or romantic, does it? I also love surfing, thanks to this movie. And whether I'm hiking, mountain biking or even eating, I really love to be in the outdoors.


Since you love eating so much, are you looking forward to all the festive food this holiday season?

Yes, Christmas is fantastic. It is an excuse to eat junk food for an entire month out of the year! You also get to buy yourself and your friends great gifts — and to believe that a magic fat man comes down to give you said gifts. That's way more amazing than Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter combined!

Robert Buckley Shirtless on DNR Fashion Magazine Interview


So how does the young stud feel about being shirtless all the time on Lipstick?
"It’s flattering, and it makes me laugh. I’ll take being objectified over doing PowerPoint presentations any day."


On his job as an economic consultant before acting:
"I wanted to jump ship on the second day, but I stuck with it for a year and a half. Then I met a woman at a wedding who randomly told me I should pursue acting or modeling. So I did, and a month later I had my first commercial. I’m so happy to be doing what I’m doing. Even on my worst day, it beats the cubicle. That job gave me great perspective."


On just how little he knew about fashion prior to his fame:
“I didn’t realize until I was on the red carpet for the series premiere—when I was bombarded with fashion questions—that I knew nothing about fashion. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I do actually enjoy it. In California we have no seasons. Here, all of a sudden, I get to wear winter clothes, and I’m on a show where fashion is a huge component. So I get to experience the gamut of fashion"


And the important one... in a world full of tight jeans demanding briefs... boxers or briefs?
“But boxers are so comfortable for lounging. I’m a big lounger. It’s fun getting dressed up for events, but given my druthers, I’m home with a movie and some friends and some takeout.”